Part 4 of the Workout series at Thrive Church is entitled "Finishing Well", and it can be summed in a single word.


Pastor Steve shares what compassion is and isn't, and how we can be more like Jesus when we put compassion in action.

Go. Make disciples. Baptize. Teach. These are the instructions Jesus gave to his disciples - and to all of us! Pastor Steve walks us through that process, and demonstrates it using Peter as an example in part 3 of the "Workout" series. Part of our workout is "A Race Worth Running."

It's time for strength training - time to build our spiritual muscles! Pastor Steve makes the connection between the idea of spiritual muscle and personal character. After sharing several Biblical examples of Godly character, he give us a practical list for a personal character inventory. We can figure out where our spiritual muscles are weak, and take steps to build them up!

If we are walking with Jesus, we should walk like Jesus! In part 1 of his "Workout" series, Pastor Steve shares both what spiritual maturity is not, as well as what it is, and the workout regimen to achieve it.