Here is the reality - we separated ourselves from God with sin. But God always planned to adopt us back into His family. That is why He sent Jesus. Obviously, benefits abound when we are adopted by God. In part 7 of "The Plan", Pastor Steve shares the benefits, as well as what our attitudes and actions will be like, when we are accepted in God's family.

The beginning of the eighth chapter of Romans assures us we are found innocent of sin before God because of Jesus. But why do we still live sometimes as though we are guilty? How do we free ourselves from that?

Pastor Steve delivers the steps God takes - and the steps we must take - to live free from guilt and sin.

A wise man said, "Our life is the sum of our decisions." The reality that goes with with that is every choice, every decision, has consequences. In part 5 of "The Plan", Pastor Steve shares how Jesus transformed that truth into eternal life and hope.

Paul talks about being "dead to sin" - but what does that mean? Pastor Steve explains and illuminates just what Paul is telling the church in Rome in Part 4 of "The Plan".

Let's face it - we all need a second chance sometimes. Pastor Steve digs into chapter five of Romans, revealing the gifts we received both from Adam and Jesus.

In Part 1, Paul introduces himself to the church at Rome and speaks about the holiness and righteousness of God. In part 2, Paul confronts the church with God's wrath, or anger, at the unholiness and unrighteousness of people. Pastor Steve walks us through as Paul reminds the church of hard truths, but also instructs believers to relate to others as fellow sinners, and love them.

It's around 57-58 A.D. Paul has been planting churches during his missionary trips. He is in Corinth, visiting the church there. He writes this letter to a church he didn't plant - the church at Rome.

Pastor Steve begins this major teaching series, "The Plan", with Paul introducing himself to the Romans, and sharing his desire to meet and visit them.