Thrive Church worships God together - April 8, 2018

The last time I wrote a blog entry (which I confess was way too long ago), I talked about the journey from a backyard meeting to the realization that God was about to do something huge.

I called that entry “It’s About to Get Real.” Well since then, so much has happened – we have seen God move in ways I never dreamed possible. Over the past 4 months, we watched a former 24-hour fitness place be transformed into the very first “home” for Thrive Church. 

When the metal wall studs were erected, we brought the folks from Thrive to the building one Sunday afternoon after church. We gave them black markers and they went around the space writing the names of loved ones and friends they were praying for to find Jesus on the wall studs. Almost 400 names were written that afternoon. The names became a permanent reminder for the people to continue to pray. 

A month or so later, we stood in awe as walls went up to define our Children’s Space and our Worship Space and a lobby and offices and oh yeah, I can’t forget, a kitchen. Electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, and carpenters were working everyday to transform this space into Thrive Church.

A couple of weeks before the completion of the project, 15-20 of our folks descended on the building armed with paint, brushes and rollers ready to turn drywall into beautiful finished walls.

The last week of the project, people scurried all over the place putting the finishing touches on everything; cleaning, mopping and vacuuming. Our AVL team was busy connecting speakers, mixers, lights, and computers. 

The night before our very first service in our new space, I walked about the building just praising and thanking God for everything. It really is true that God can do more than we can ever imagine.

Sunday morning, April 8, 2018 at 10:30 AM it totally became REAL! Almost 100 people came for the service and people’s lives were changed! People asked Jesus into their lives and folks asked for prayer after the service for a variety of things ranging from healing to personal situations, to financial issues, to losing a loved one. 

As I left the building that morning and got into my Jeep, I thought to myself – THIS IS REAL!!!!! Thank you God!