Whom Will You Serve?

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I have been sharing a series on Worship with the church. It has me thinking about what happens when we really get serious about our worship – when we really go all in and start giving everything to God in worship. It changes everything. We approach life differently because worship truly is a lifestyle, not something we just do at church on Sunday mornings.

However, when we go all in for Jesus, it makes Satan mad! Satan is always at work trying to divert worship away from God – he will attack and turn up the heat if you commit to become a true worshiper of God.

It will be subtle – he will fill your head with all kinds of thoughts:

“If I really become a true worshipper – people will think I am weird.”
“I will be labeled a fanatic.”

If that doesn’t work, Satan will then try to introduce some “other” gods into your life.

It won’t be blatant. It won’t be a golden calf.  It will be something as harmless as your work, or your involvement in your community, a charity, sports, your computer, your car or truck, or your motorcycle. It could be your family, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. It could be even things that seem to be godly – your work at church, the ministries you get involved in - anything that he can get you so engrossed in that God gets pushed back to 3rd or 4th or 5th place in your life.

Being alert to the dangers of idols is increasingly important as you commit to become a true worshipper of God.  Satan will attack and try to get you to stumble.

Remember – We must worship the Lord God only!  This is hard stuff – but it is true. The main issue throughout all of history has been – whom will you serve?

Settle it now – worship God and God alone.